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Blue Dream,Sour Diesel,Grandaddy Purple,Strawberry Cough

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Blue Dream,Sour Diesel,Grandaddy Purple,Strawberry Cough,G.S.C,Green Crack,White Widow,Super Lemon Haze,Bubba Kush,OG Kush,Durban Poison,HeadBand,Bruce Banner#3,Tahoe OG Kush,Pineapple Express,Northern Lights,Super Silver Haze,Purple Haze,Blueberry,Maui Waui,Jack Herer,MK Ultra,Cannatonic,Skywalker OG,Charlie Sheen,Beastmode OG,Cloud 9,Bogart,Carl Sagan,Savant’s Grail,Bordello,Gravity,Brainwreck,AK-47,Alien Abduction,Satori,Acapulco Gold,Bettie Page,Afternoon Delight,Fruity Pebbles,Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies,Kandy Kush,Black Gorilla,Cherry OG,ChemDawg,Yoda OG,Red Dragon,Ghost Train Haze,Death Star,Chem Dog,Chernobyl,Dutch Cheese

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